So, you’ve bought a new hosting account with someone and you are getting ready to build your website and set up your mailboxes. You are now logged in to your account, wandering through the interface, trying to figure out what to do. Unfortunately, after a while, you find out that the server features and the limits aren’t exactly as they were on the advertisement. What should you do? Most likely, you will try to reach out to the tech support for help.

Let’s say this is where the nightmare begins. You are waiting for a gazillion hours on the phone for an available operator, or you’ve sent an email three days ago and there is no reply yet. Oh wait, in the meantime, they’ve sent you another completely unrelated message offering you an ultra-super-special, one-time offer for premium support, which is sometimes even more expensive than the hosting itself. Still, no answer to your original question, though. It’s been a week now and you’ve had enough - you’ve exhausted your patience and want your money back!

You are now required to spend much more time dealing with various billing departments in order to get a refund for your purchase. You need to make sure your credit card has been reimbursed and deleted from their system, just in case, as there might be some auto-renewal process somewhere still active. Worst-case scenario - you need to contact your bank and request a chargeback for your transaction(s) because of the hosting provider's lousy service. Of course, you can move it to the next level - take them to court where you will lose not only time, but most likely the case, and pay all associated expenses with it.

Still, if you’re lucky, you might get away quickly. But for many people this is not the case. The key thing here is to act fast - you need to go through this before the money-back window expires. However, what we know is that people tend to delay such complex situations until the last day. Why? Well, nobody likes the discomfort that goes with this. Anyway, let’s say that you’ve completed the seemingly impossible - getting a refund. The short-lasting joy of a low-price purchase has been replaced with the lasting feeling of disappointment from bad customer service.

Nowadays, this actually happens quite often. Many people are searching and willing to buy hosting services for a low price. After a while, though, it turns out that you’ve signed up for something way under your expectations. You feel somewhat bad and frustrated about this, and you tell yourself “What a crappy service, I’m done with these guys - give me my money back!”. ICDSoft's prices aren’t the lowest, but you know what they say - buy cheap, buy twice. All of our products include professional support with a 15-minute response guarantee. At most providers you usually have to go through a long cumbersome process to even find how to get support. ICDSoft has been a customer-oriented company since the very beginning, and rather than an unfriendly experience, we’ve made the refund process as easy as pie.

What we know is that improving customer satisfaction and loyalty is a key driver for our company growth. Organizations often fail to dedicate as much time, funding, and support to customer retention as they do to other business operations. That is why the Internet is full of stories of people trying to get their money back without much success.

We at ICDSoft offer an unconditional 100-day money-back guarantee on all shared hosting accounts. You just need to contact our team by sending a support ticket or an email. Sadly, domain registrations aren’t eligible for a refund, as we are actually using the registration services of another company - Moreover, we don’t provide automatic renewals, which might be useful for some people, but this way you won’t be seeing any strange transactions for services you don’t use. Since we don’t want to mislead our customers, and we follow good business practices, all information is clearly stated in our terms at  

Refunds are probably among the most confusing and annoying situations you can get yourself into. Not with ICDSoft! We've been providing hosting services since 2001, and we want to have happy customers and maintain a positive relationship, even if that means losing a sale.

Most probably, you have services with other providers too - we won’t be upset about this - everybody does. Also, as a 21-century human being, you have signed up for a contract with various clauses and so much information written in small print no one has the time to read through. So, to summarize - you can and need to remember this:

Providing the best support and customer satisfaction  - this is our specialty! This is what we are trained for, and this is why our clients love us. This is why we have made our refund policy easy to understand and straight-forward. Of course, if your project is not compatible with our hosting environment, or you just like to try out various services until you find the best one to suits your needs - getting your money back is a piece of cake with us.


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