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Security and Uptime Commitment

At ICDSoft, we strive to design and implement the most powerful hosting service possible without compromising on security or uptime. Our system administrators have put in a lot of effort into hardening our server setup, and you can read more about it below.

What Makes ICDSoft Secure аnd Reliable

Virtualization and Account Isolation

Our servers run on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) - a virtualization technology directly built into our Linux kernel (hardened with our own custom patches), turning it into a hypervisor that is as close to the real hardware as possible. Speaking of hardware, the machines that we use are powered by latest-gen Xeon Gold 18-core processors with SSD drives configured in RAID arrays. This combination allows us to scale from our Economy plan up to the powerful First Class and Ultimate solutions, guaranteeing the same stellar experience for all of our users with our proprietary Control Panel and its array of powerful utilities. The security of all users is ensured by account isolation on the server and dynamic permissions control, which helps to fight some of the most extreme zero-day vulnerabilities in Apache and PHP.


Advanced Server and Site Monitoring

At our own Network Operations Center, real people monitor all servers and user sites 24/7, 365 days a year. We have both in-house and commercial software keeping watch over our full infrastructure on three continents, and in the rare event when our technical staff has to take action, we do so within seconds of being notified. We take pride in the reaction speed of our on-site technicians, system administrators, and support staff, who always ensure that any potential incidents are handled immediately, while our customers are well-informed.

Automated Brute-force Protection

We utilize an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) with thousands of custom rules, in addition to an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to prevent millions of brute-force and exploit attempts on a daily basis. This powerful combination fights off aggressive attacks against all of the services that we provide - email, FTP, SSH, Control Panel and web access, and it also "hides" common known vulnerabilities of popular web software. This not only helps to keep your sites protected at all times, but it also saves up on system resources such as CPU and MySQL minutes, ultimately allowing bigger sites to run on smaller plans.


Email Security

We have several email protection systems working together to ensure incoming email is scanned for viruses and spam. The spam protection system adapts to users' choices by learning from their mailbox activities. In addition, the reputation of all sending servers is checked against different real-time lists, including commercial ones. We also offer both SPF and DKIM protection in order to increase the deliverability of our customers' messages to major third-party providers.

Power and Network Resilience

In order to ensure availability for customers at all times, the server racks in our datacenters are powered by multiple power circuits going to multiple Power Supply Units, by way of multiple smart Power Distribution Units. Network redundancy is solved with multiple BGP uplinks, routed through a combination of multiple routers, switches, and network cards for each rack.


Uptime Guarantee

When searching for a new hosting provider, it is reassuring to see that a lot of the companies out there advertise a respectable 99.9% uptime. What they won't tell you is that for one year, that remaining 0.01% percent amounts to almost nine hours. Our distributed uptime statistic for the last year is 99.997%, or a total downtime of 15 minutes!

We calculate downtime when it is caused by circumstances reasonably within our control, and when clients' sites are inaccessible in result. We are not responsible for outages caused by network issues outside of our own networks and datacenters, natural disasters, DDoS attacks, or problems that are local to your ISP and/or devices. Our routine server maintenance and upgrades are usually announced well in advance, and carried out within the scheduled maintenance windows. Outages during such periods are also not counted towards our servers' total downtime statistics.

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