The "Hosting Resources" > "Domains" section in the Account Panel displays all domains that you own, as well as all domains that are associated with your hosting accounts. The listing allows mostly read-only actions. To be able to manage a domain name fully - change its WHOIS details, nameservers, etc. - you must be the owner of the domain, or must be authorized by the domain owner to manage it.

If you have purchased the domain through your Account Panel, then you are automatically allowed to manage the domain as its owner. In all other cases, you will have to claim the domain for management - this is a verification procedure that ensures that you are allowed to manage the domain.

According to ICANN regulations, the Registrant of a domain name is considered the domain owner. Therefore, to verify that you own the domain, or that the domain owner allows you to manage the domain, the verification procedure consists of sending a verification token to the registrant email address. Then this verification token must be used in the Claim domain section.

To claim a domain that is in your Account Panel but you cannot manage it, you need to:

  1. Go to the "Manage ownership" section on the left -> Claim Domain.
  2. Select the domain you would like to claim. The "Please enter a domain name" field will display all domains that are listed in your Account Panel, but are not claimed for management.
  3. Click the button "Send verification token".
  4. If you are the domain registrant, then check the registrant email address, and get the verification token from the message sent there. If you are not the domain registrant, get in touch with the registrant and ask them to find the message with subject "Verification token for domain.com" and provide the token to you.
  5. Use this token in the "Please enter a token" field, and press "Claim domain".
  6. The interface will display the domain that you are claiming, and you need to press the "Claim" button to complete the procedure.

Note that the registrant has the ability to invalidate the domain management request, via a link in the "Verification token" message.

Once the domain is successfully claimed, then all management features in the Domain Management interface will be enabled.