Terms of use for .BG domain names

Registration of .bg domain names

ICDSoft is an accredited registrar of .bg domain names. We offer .bg domain registrations to citizens and organizations with a place of residence in Bulgaria.

Registration Agreement

You can check the full Registration Agreement of the global registry of .bg domain names (Register.BG) here: "Terms and conditions for registering .bg domain names".

The Registration Agreement contains all terms and conditions for registering a domain with the .bg TLD.

Registering a .bg domain

The general steps you need to take to register a .bg domain are as follows:

Fill in the domain order form on our website or in your administrative interface.

Submit back to us the signed application that you will receive by email.

Complete the steps for the Identification of the Registrant (if such are necessary).

Filling in the domain order form

When filling in the order form, as with any other domain, you need to enter the domain you have selected and the period of registration. If the entered domain is .bg, you would need to add some additional TLD-specific data:

Choose whether the domain would be Protected or not. When applying for a protected domain, you would have to provide grounds for using the specific name, as well as there are additional requirements about the domain name itself, related to the name of the Registrant.

Enter the country/location of the Registrant.

Select whether the Registrant is a person or a company. Depending on your choice, you would need to enter additional information about the name, identification numbers and other information required by the Registry.

In the "WHOIS data" section, you need to enter all required Registrant data - name, address, email, phone, etc.

Submitting the signed application

After filling in the domain order form, we will submit the data to the registry and you will receive the domain application by email. This might take from a couple of hours to up to one business day, depending on the time of your order submission. The signing of the application and its submission back to us can happen in one of the following ways:

You can complete the application and sign it with your electronic signature provided by a Bulgarian provider of certification services. The signature must be attached in a separate file (.p7m format). If the Registrant is a company, the electronic signature must contain its name in the certificate.

If you do not have an electronic signature, you can sign the application in front of a notary and send it to us by mail/courier.

If the Registrant of the domain is an organization/legal entity, the application can be signed by an authorized representative and stamped (wet stamp). Then you need to send it to us by mail/courier. It must be accompanied by documents proving the existence of the organization as well as the right of the authorized representative to sign documents on behalf of the organization.

Identification of the Registrant

An important matter when registering a .bg domain is the identification of the Registrant with valid personal document or company registration documents. When signing the application with an electronic signature, the signature itself assures the personal identification of the person signing the document. In case you would be signing the document in our office, your identification will be completed by presenting your personal identification documents (ID card, passport). The identification of a company is done by submitting documents such as Current Status by the Trade Registry, court registration documents or EIK registration. If the company is listed in the Bulgarian Trade Registry, then the identification will be done by us electronically and there is no need to submit legal documents.

Additional administrative services for .BG domains

Due to the complexity of some administrative procedures required by Register.BG, ICDSoft may request additional fees for services regarding .BG domain registrations such as, but not limited to:

Changing the registrant

Updating the administrative/technical contact

Updating addresses

Updating grounds for using the domain

The maximum cost of each administrative procedure requiring submission of one set of documents to Register.bg is $10 USD.

Last revision: January 28, 2022