E-mail autodiscover/autoconfig is a service that allows automatic configuration of e-mail programs to connect to mailboxes on our servers securely, using IMAP over SSL and SMTP over TLS.

Currently, automatic configuration on our servers is supported for the following e-mail programs:

- Mozilla Thunderbird (Autoconfig feature, any version, any OS)
- Outlook 2007+ (Autodiscover, Windows)
- KMail (Autoconfig)

This is the list of e-mail programs that we have tested and verified to be working properly with the automatic e-mail configuration service. The Autoconfig service is enabled for the main domain and all parked domains of the hosting account, while the Autodiscover service is enabled only for the main domain of the hosting account.

Note: Some versions of the Outlook e-mail program cannot recognize/obtain the correct mailbox configuration settings from the standardized autodiscover/autoconfig service running on our servers due to caching/configuration problems caused by the e-mail program. In such cases, you will need to configure your mailboxes manually.

Using the automatic e-mail configuration feature

When setting up your e-mail program to access your mailbox, after entering your e-mail address and password on the Account Setup screen, your e-mail program will automatically search for available server configuration.

Note: Your e-mail program may issue a warning that the name on the certificate does not match the name on the site. This is so because your e-mail program is attempting to connect over https:// to autodiscover.your_domain.com, and there is no certificate issued for this hostname. You can ignore this warning and continue.

IMPORTANT: The automatic e-mail configuration would work only if the hostnames autodiscover.your_domain.com and autoconfig.your_domain.com resolve to the IP address of the server where your account is hosted with us. The subdomains autodiscover and autoconfig must not exist in the Subdomains section of the hosting Control Panel.

Email protocols

The automatic e-mail configuration feature is set to add to your e-mail program an IMAP account for reading e-mail, and an SMTP account for sending e-mail. Both will be set to access the server securely (over TLS/SSL).

If you prefer to set up a POP3 account in your e-mail program, you should not use the automatic e-mail configuration feature. Instead, you should configure your e-mail program manually. You can check our setup instructions for the most popular e-mail programs in the Configuring an e-mail program section from our online documentation.

Stopping the autodiscover/autoconfig feature

You can disable the automatic e-mail configuration feature by creating a subdomain on your account with name autodiscover (autodiscover.your_domain.com) or autoconfig (autoconfig.your_domain.com) respectively. This can be done at the Subdomains section of your hosting Control Panel.