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Did you know that ICDSoft started out as a hosting reseller?

Our company started as one-man shop run by our CEO at his home-office. He didn't mean to go into the web hosting business, but customers from his other ventures were constantly asking him to host their websites. After trying to resell the services of an established host at the time, he quickly realized that most companies don't share his values - quality products and exceptional support.

The building blocks of a successful hosting company



We provide a fully functional order widget that can be included on your website (video instructions). It implements the most important feature of a hosting company website - the order forms. This includes purchase forms, renewal forms, and custom purchase functionality.

cost: $


Server Infrastructure

When our CEO went out and bought his first server, he made an important decision: "Our company should own its hardware, and we will manage it by ourselves". This guarantees our incredible uptime record and the high performance of our servers.

cost: $$$


Technical Support

Quality Support is the highest operational cost in running a hosting business.

That's why many providers skimp on it. Not us. On average, our response time is just under 8 minutes. The best part is that your customers can contact us directly, and we will never reveal our reseller connection.

cost: $$$$$


System Administrators

When you have servers, someone needs to administer them. And this needs to be done 24/7, 365 days in the year.

Configuring and managing servers is a serious job, and that's why we have a whole team of highly qualified system administrators looking over our machines.

cost: $$$$$


Knowledge Base

Support for your customers is much easier when all the common questions are already answered and are readily available in a knowledge base. With other reseller programs, you need to build your own, not with ours.

Since our support system is fully detached from our corporate site, your customers can fully utilize the amazing Knowledge Base we maintain.

cost: $


Control Panel

Your hosting plans need a management panel. We weren't happy with the commercial offerings back then, and we aren't happy with them now.

That's why we all hosting plans with us come with a fully functioning, in-house developed Control Panel software. You don't need to pay license fees for it. It comes completely free with all our hosting plans.

cost: $$

ICDSoft Reseller Program

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